Sunday, October 05, 2008

Tubby by Mochimochiland

As you might already know, I have an obsession with amigurumi knitting. This is my latest completed project, Tubby by Mochimochiland.

Not sure why I need a knit bathtub with bubbles, but I just do. Some of you are nodding your heads in agreement. Others are questioning my sanity. Just look at the bubbles close up! Super cute!
The pattern called for something like 25 bubbles. At first I was enamored and never wanted to stop knitting these tiny delicacies, but by the end, I was counting down to the final one. Last night while watching USC stomp all over my Oregon Ducks I finally finished the last one. Today I assembled the whole thing and boy did it take a lot of stuffing. I knit this on size 7 needles. I recommend trying a 6 of even a 5. I think mine is too loose and floppy. Next time (not sure when this will be) I might do it on 4s, for a baby tub.

At school. the baby blankets are whipping together quickly and I should have 10 or so to take over to Stitches From the Heart by the end of the week. Of course I will photograph them with their knitters before we donate them.

Did anyone see this funny article? An elderly knitter/criminal was ordered to knit sweaters as part of her punishment. Funny stuff.

Happy knitting.


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