Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shark Seen In the Palisades!

This week, the big news at the beach was a great white shark that was photographed jumping out of the water! Local surf shop owner Randy Wright took all of the pictures from a kayak. Check out that height!

In honor of our newest neighbor, I crocheted a shark. Not nearly as cool as the real thing but the pattern (found at was pretty easy to follow. I changed the fins to better reflect what they really look like.

This is Griffin, who comes in and has lunch with me a few times a week. If I am lucky, he brings his knitting and we eat and knit for our lunch break. He is in my Knitting class and is a beginner, but I think if he really tries he can get really good.

And finally, my Oregon Ducks flew into town and beat UCLA 24-10 yesterday. We have a 5-game winning streak and I love Saturday afternoon football games. Way to go DUCKS!