Thursday, May 25, 2006

Who Likes Yarn?

ok, so i think i might be starting a little business. A student, Sarah, gave me a cute little poster she bought at the Fairfax Swap Meet (thanks, Sarah!!!) and my dad and I photoshopped it a bit to come up with my "business logo".

I LOVE IT!!!!!

The creation of a name has inspired me to make some stuff. My first venture was necklaces. That was going well (see earlier post) but the necklaces take a long time and I was getting impatient. Next I tried some earrings. The photos aren't that great, but I love them in person. And I love that the tag is my logo!!!!!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Nautiloids Are Attacking Charlie!!!!!

I finished a few of the nautiloids from Love the pattern, it is pretty easy and knits up quick. Thanks to Tiffany Jan, my student who inspired me to knit this project. She wanted to learn to use double-pointed needles, so I downloaded the pattern and knit along with her. Tiffany has a complete shell and is now working on the tentacles, her project is due Thursday. I'lll post pics when she turns it in.

Here are mine attacking a very patient Charlie Brown, my model.

Here they are in a yin-yang posture. So tranquil.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Pelican At Pali High!

crazy day here on Wednesday. A pelican flew onto campus, and was disoriented and confused. The kids came and got me (the marine biology teacher MUST know what is up, right?) and took me to the sad guy. Turns out a lot of the local pelicans are "sick" and acting strangely. I called Tristan at California Wildlife Rescue up in Malibu and they came down to Pali and picked up the bird. So many kids were interested in hearing about the new arrival, but all of the noise from the kids was agitating the pelican. We kept him in a small area until help arrived. All told, it was a successful rescue. I am hoping to turn this into a classroom lesson, so I am currently researching this phenomenon. Could be that he flew into a building (apparently younger birds do that sometimes) or that he is sick. Tristan told me that they are seeing so many young pelicans that are malnourished and the cause is still unknown. Interesting! I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

charlie brown turns 1. hooray!!!!!

yesterday was my dog's birthday. mike and I got him a "dog cake" (a big dog bone-shaped cookie) and sang happy birthday to him. he just wanted the cookie. after one small bite he begged for the rest. as soon as my back was turned, he stole the entire cookie from the table and overindulged for his "big day".

afterwards, the glutton took a much-needed nap on the couch.