Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blanket Donations!

The kids have finally finished their baby blankets. I took pics of the blankets with each knitter who contributed to that blanket. There are a few stragglers, so I hope to have 3 more blankets by tuesday.

The kids are doing great and eager to move on to baby hats. Almost everyone has started a hat and I am hoping for 90 hats to donate by the end of the month. I dropped off 5 hats with these blankets on Friday to Stitches From the Heart and Stitching Is an Art. It had been WAY too long since I sat at the table and heard the shop news. Nancy and Sandy are doing well, knitting and crocheting up a storm. I hit the giant sale wall and bought up a few dozen skeins of terrycloth yarn. The kids will make plush toy bunnies with this beautiful yarn, so watch for tons of little bunnies in the coming months.

My advanced knitters (2 this semester) are tackling projects. Cristyn is sewing her Sheldon turtle together, and Erin is working on Swell. To help Erin understand the concept of knitting with 2 yarns, I decided to try the hat myself. Here is my version.

This hat is cool, there is a subtle peace sign on each earflap, and the waves are connected and roll all around the hat. I love it so much that I am already finishing up my 2nd one, in purples. I will post pics of Erin's progress next time.

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