Saturday, October 28, 2006

Charity! Halloween! and Charlie!

I finally made it over to Stitches From the Heart last night to drop off our first big donation. 73 baby hats and 25 scarves. Thanks to the hard-working kids in class for doing such a great job, and THANK YOU (that's a big thank you) to everyone who donated yarn and supplies for these projects. Your donations are on their way to good homes!

Halloween is in a few days and I am REALLY excited! Charlie? not so much. Here he is acting like a vampire sleeping. Or, a bat. Or, a dead cockroach. You decide...

This is what I came home to last night. Very happy pooch standing on a chair, wanting to dance with mommy.

I LOVE Halloween, and wanted to give you all a hint about my costume. I really like dressing up as current reality show "stars". In the past years I was Anna Nicole Smith, Brittney Spears (my friend Chris was K-Fed and we were Chaotic), and Kelly Osborne. I think this costume is my greatest yet. I will post pics next weekend. For now, here is your hint...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sidebar...Malibu Lagoon Field Trip

Since my REAL job is Marine Biology teacher, I want to include a tidbit from my week that did not (for once) include yarn. This week I took a big group of my students to the Malibu Lagoon. It is a local estuary, one of the few remaining in Southern California. The weather was unbelievable, 80's in mid-October. The volunteer scientists taught the kids a ton of information, and it is really cool that this estuary is just down the street from our school, but none of the kids have evern been there. I am glad we had the opportunity to get out of the classroom and get our feet wet (literally) and learn about a local ecosystem. Lots more trips to come!

...the birds and the surfers off in the distance

Here is one of the groups that came along. These guys spent the first part of the morning cleaning up the beach and the estuary, earning community service hours in the process. Way to go, guys!

we played some team-building games while waiting for the scientists to set up their equipment...
the human knot

group chair

here is Jennifer testing the salt content of the lagoon using silver nitrate percipitate. very scientific!

there were dissecting scopes for us to use and get a closer look at the creatures in the lagoon!

learning about the fish of the lagoon

This week I taught the first of two classes on X-mas Stockings. We cast on our stitches, and everyone was happily knitting in the round when class was finished. Next week: we turn the heel and head for the toe. I'll post pics from Thursday's class.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Christmas Stocking This Week! and the Great Pumpkin!

Leyla and I went to the Craft Fair at the Pomona Fairplex yesterday. It was such a blast! We did needle felted make and take pumpkins...

My next needle felting project is a little Charlie Browne. Should be cute! I bought chocolate brown roving, and light blue for his collar. I can't wait to get started! We also learned how to do punch embroidery. We made an apple that I plan to finish and make into a magnet. Really fun stuff. I know eventually all of my denim will have a little something added...
I also bought a simple weaving kit. I think it will be a fun way to use up extra leftovers from projects. More on that later...

THIS WEEK AT YARN GARDEN: X-mas Stockings...hung by the chimney with care.

This class will be 2 Thursdays, Oct. 19 and 26, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. You will need size #11 DPNs and a bulky wool. All supplies are available for purchase at Yarn Garden. Class is $40 for both weeks. You will learn the ins and outs of your first sock! Once you are done, you can add a name, embellish with snowflakes, stars, buttons,'s the limit! Call Yarn Garden for more info and to sign up! 818-980-6667

Sunday, October 08, 2006

X-mas Stocking Update...Class Coming Up!

Hi all. An uneventful week. My students are all happily working on their baby hats, which are due in 2 weeks. I'll post pictures when the hats are turned in.

This week I have been working on finishing the Brea Bag, which is this week's class at Yarn Garden. Next week I'll be teaching a 2-week class on knitted Christmas Stockings. Class will be Thursday evenings, October 19 and 26, from 6:30 to 8:30 each evening. Call Yarn Garden to sign up, and find out what supplies you will need. Here are two of the stockings I designed. I really like the pom poms on the skinny one. The newest stocking on my needles is red, green and white. Stay tuned for updated pics!

On a personal note, I bought a new car today. After many weeks of research, I decided on a small SUV. I love my new car!

We took Charlie for his first ride in the new car tonight, and he was pretty good. It has always been a pain trying to keep him in the back seat of Mike's car, but the new car has a fold-down area in the back. I put a big blanket down and he explored. Overall, it was a success. I think it is going to take a few more trips for him to realize that he can't sit in my lap when I am driving. Sometimes he forgets he weighs 65 pounds. The big guy thinks he is a lap dog. So sweet.

Next Satruday I am headed out to the Pomona Fairplex for the Sew, Craft and Quilt Fair. It is an all-day event that has tons of booths and lots of demos. Check out their website for more info: There is a Pomona catalogue to download. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I Heart Socks!

"Knitting Under the Influence" evening was a success! Thanks to Claire LaZebnik for coming out to Yarn Garden Friday night for a fun night of knitting, chating and yummy delights. It was so much fun meeting everyone and getting to hear a bit of the book. If you don't have a copy yet, it is for sale all over town. I recommend this novel, very funny and so true! Lots of knitting laughter as well.

As you know, I was killed by my assassin's "bullet" last week, and her package was so fun to receive. She (Karen from NY) sent me socks filled with goodies. Some tea, soap and candy, as well as some pretty awesome stitch markers with SKULLS on them! I sent my sock off to Karen's assassin, and she just sent me a message saying she had received my package. I went to her blog and borrowed this graphic for sock wars. Very funny.

Here is Charlie modeling my new wool socks. He likes them but they are mine. Sorry, Charlie! BTW, I know I am his mommy, but how cute is he? I Love this guy, and Mike and I are having so much fun watching him grow up and seeing how he changes each week. Practice parenthood is awesome!

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

Since I am now a "sock knitter" I decided to try my hand at a very large X-mas stocking. I didn't really follow a pattern, just used the basic recipe for socks and let my creativity do the rest. I really like the results! I added the money for size reference. I will be teaching a variation on this sample at Yarn Garden, Thursday nights October 19th and 26th, from 6:30 to 8:30 each night. You will learn the basics of double-pointed needles, and the result will be a great x-mas stocking. No worries if you haven't ever knit on dpns before. This pattern is really basic (all knit), a great introduction into the world of socks. I am knitting a second version, longer and thinner. I remember having a big bulky stocking when I was a kid, but the long, skinny stocking might look cute too. We'll see. I can help you invent whatever type you want to knit. Call Yarn Garden for more information.