Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Summer Knitting!

Here are some pics of a few things I sent to my favorite kid up in Portland, Oregon. This is Ellery. Her mom and I were college roommates. I guess it is strange to think someone I knew in college can have a baby, but then I realize we graduated 13 years ago, so then I freak out about THAT. Was it really that long ago? What have I been doing since then? Dropping eggs like they grow on trees and living my life. Teaching, learning, traveling...I guess time flies when you're having fun. Holy cow! Did I forget to have a baby? was that supposed to be on my to-do list?

Enough ravings of a lunatic, here are the knitted gifts I recently sent up to Ellery.

The Pinwheel sweater from LOVE KNITTING THIS SWEATER! Seriously, as I look at it here I feel the urge to knit another one. Oh, choosing colors! Ellery models this with her inquisitive look, called "huh?" I knit this in different shades of blues and greens to go with her hair.

This is Ellery clutching her gigantic version of the Sheldon turtle from I knit this with chenille and loved every minute of it. So soft and fun to touch. I miss Sheldon. Hmmm, maybe another one of him is in order as well. Just a thought.

I still need to post pics of my finished sweaters. All blocked and ready to wear...just waiting for the cold weather.