Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fair Isle Hats and Charlie's Halloween costume

First things first. My knitting class is so amazing this semester. These girls (no boys this time, sadly) are fast knitters and are genuinely interested in learning new stuff. Most are still working on their baby hats (they have 3 due by Nov. 7th) but there are a few girls who whipped out their hats in a weekend and are hungry for more. I tossed out the idea of this cute but simple bunny. Basically, you knit a square then with the magic of seaming, you turn it into this precious little bun bun. I am making a family of them, a mommy, daddy and 4 little babies. This is one of the babies. About the size of a tangerine. I found the pattern years ago and made a few when I was just learning the basics. The kids are gaga for them and more and more are appearing each day (sorta like real bunnies, right?) We have pink ones, brown, fluffy blue and rainbow. Once they are sewn up into pocket pets, I will show their work off.

My latest projects have been hats. Lots and lots of hats. No idea why. I do know why, but am embarrassed to say. I have fallen in love with a new yarn. Maybe it is just a crush, too early to know for sure. The new yarn in my life is Berroco Comfort. Don't get me wrong, Bernat's Satin still has a secure place in my heart as the best baby toy yarn, but this Comfort is a dream. Knits up so soft and the color choices are great. One thing I love is that the skein seems to never have an end. I have made a few more Swell earflap hats, like the one in my last post. The first one is using the Swell chart.

Then I decided to try my hand at chart design. I did a repeating jolly roger skull and crossbones...

...and a repeating heart pattern that I have been drawing since i was a little girl. I used to fill pages of notebook paper with rows of these hearts, then color them in with markers. It was nostalgic and comforting (oh, using Comfort yarn!!!!) to knit this hat last night.

...then I decided to try a non-repeating chart. I did one hat with Obama '08 on one side and Biden '08 on the other. I love the result but let me tell you, writing this chart then actually having to use it was no walk in the park. But it was worth the experience, right?

Finally, Charlie Brown can't decide who he wants to be for Halloween. We want him to be the Dark Knight...

...but he is secretly leaning towards The Joker.

My Halloween costume is still a secret. I'll post pictures after the big day. This year I am part of a group costume with a few of my students. I am really excited about it since it is EASY and requires no tattoos unlike Amy Winehouse last year. Also, no wig! Have a great week. Hope to see you at SnB at Farmer's Market this week. Looking forward to the costumes and the yummy treats.

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