Monday, September 08, 2008

A Few Of My Addictions...

I am going to be on TV this Monday, Sept. 22 at 3:30 pm on Fox channel 11. If you don't live in LA, check your local listings for the show. It is a game show called Trivial Pursuit: America Plays. Watch and see if I win!!!!! I love game shows and have been on a few in the past few years. This was the most fun, since trivia is sort of my obsession.

My dad came over last weekend and brought a big box of dusty stuff for me to go through. Inside I found some treasures! My grandma was an avid knitter (we spent so many afternoons at Super Yarn Mart in the Valley) who knit baby stuff for me throughout my childhood. He brought a few baby sweaters she had knit for me. They are a bit stained (I must have been a messy eater) and worn, but they are so dear and I am glad to have them back. She embroidered a lot as well, and this sweater has a row of little flowers down the front. I took a bunch of the sweaters to work to show the kids. They couldn't believe that they might be able to make something like this some day.

This new group has so much potential and I am excited for them to finish their first project. They are all knitting furiously and many have completed their first strip. They are knitting 2 strips that will be sewn together to make baby blankets. With 28 new kids knitting 2 strips each, I am hoping we will have at least 11 baby blankets to donate to Stitches From the Heart at the beginning for October. I will post pics of that as soon as they are finished.

One of my advanced knitters, Erin, said she wanted to knit a chicken. I suggested the "Which Came First? Chicken or Egg" toy from a past issue of Craft. I brought the magazine in and she fell in love with the reversible toy. I told her I would knit along with her, since she seemed to think it might be too hard for her to do on her own. I am a little bit faster than Erin, and I finished my chicken on Friday. Here is my version, both poses. I'll post pics of Erin's once she is done.

Finally, since it is back to school time, the kids are all decked out with new gear. THIS awesome backpack walked into my room the other day and I needed to photograph it. Alex told me that part of the sale price goes to helping stop shark fishing for Shark Fin Soup. I love this!

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