Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I am a terrible Blogger!

It has been almost 2 months since my last post. Please forgive me...
the holidays, being sick, moving my best friend to Chicago, teaching, taking down that darn x-mas is all too much!

Now I am back at school with finals fast approaching (need to write my finals this weekend) and I wanted to show off some of my December knitting.

First up, the fair isle beret from the current I chose tiffany box blue with white and knit it for Andi to wear in Chicago. I messed up reading the chart (my first time with charting) but loved the experience of knitting with two yarns. I highly recommend it!

Next off my needles was an old favorite. I made a penguin (also from knitty archives) for myself. A few years ago I made these for everyone's kids, but never one for me. Sometimes you have to knit for yourself. I never do. This guy will be part of our Christmas decor for years to come.

The final dinosaur. Also the only one I kept from the series. I gave the other 4 away as Christmas gifts, but the triceratops was just too cute to part with. These patterns, from Jimmy Bean Wool, are awesome and easy to read. I will definitely make them again some day.

And finally, I made a cupcake hat. This is the first attempt and I was very pleased with the result. The second one I made is even better! I added sprinkles! Pic coming soon, on a baby! This will have to do for now, I gave this one away to our housekeeper who has a 3 year old girl. Everyone looks good wearing a cupcake!

That about catches me up to the end of December. I have been busy knitting in January but not photographing anything, so there is a big pile of FOs to shoot. I'll post again soon.

Knitting class update: the kids are rushing to finish their baby sweater sets for their final. Everything is due by Jan. 29th, so I will have lots to show from them soon.

Happy new year to all!