Sunday, June 17, 2007

Final Projects...

My blog turns 2 today. Time really flies when you are having fun. I searched online for a birthday or anniversary picture with knitting involved and got side-tracked by some really great pictures of knitters. I found this great image of a Nepali woman knitting. So wonderful.

Then I found this one of a girl knitting. These pictures made me think about the faces of my knitters. My students are all so different but the one thing they have in common is an overall appreciation for knitting. The highlight of each day is when I get to help someone sew up a seam or pick up a dropped stitch. I am so proud of my knitters this year. I wish them all a great summer and hope they all keep knitting and donating their efforts to charity.

This is how I see my student knitters. This is Alla and Jeff. Alla finished her baby sweater and both kids will graduate on Thursday. Congrats!

This is Evelyn. Evelyn was in my first knitting class ever, Fall of 2005. She has been knitting on her own, and this semester she rejoined the knitting class. She is one of the most dedicated knitters I have in class. She can take home a few balls of yarn on Friday afternoon and come back on Monday with a finished sweater. I really admire her drive.

This is Michelle. She has been knitting since February, and here is her final baby sweater and baby hat. Michelle is also a senior, so she is graduating this week. Way to go!

This is Christine's first sock ever! She has promised that she will finish the second one this summer. She was so happy that it actually fit her foot.

This is Jennifer. She took knitting in the fall and her talent was obvious right away. She could read a pattern on her own and whip out something that seems too tough for her. She has been knitting on her own this semester, but drops by periodically to show off her latest creation. This is her "Sheldon" turtle from She told me that she made 3 so far, and had many friends who still want turtles.

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