Thursday, July 05, 2007

San Fran was great, now off to Mexico!

I went up to visit Larissa in SF last weekend. We had a great time! Thankfully, she understands my knitting addiction, so we spent many hours knitting together. We have known each other since 7th grade and when we are together it feels like we are back in junior high.

We walked from her place down to the Ferry Building for Farmer's Market breakfast, produce shopping and some knitting in the sun. Somehow I got a shoulder burn in an hour. It was fun eating, knitting and people-watching as the big boats went past. We then went to see Ratatouille (so good!) and did some shopping. Then more knitting. Then even more knitting. Here I am sitting in the sun with the Fitted Knits sweater almost complete. I got all of the yarn at Black Sheep Knittery right as they were closing their doors. Sure hope they come back soon.

Larissa models my sweater. Almost done!

Sweater back

I wrote a pattern for a tunic-type sweater for Larissa to knit. I got her this yarn from the Suss Outlet (which I drove by today and was sad to see they are moved out. I knew they were closing, didn't know it was so soon) for her b-day last year and I am so excited that she is knitting with it! The mohair has a gold thread running along with it. Pretty.

Here is a close-up of her knitting. I love the openness of the sweater. Eventually she will add long bell sleeves and the rest of the body.

Like a good consumer, I got an iphone last Friday. We didn't have to wait in line at all. And when I say "we" I really mean Mike. He went to the Grove Apple store around 10pm that first night and waited a few minutes. He bought 2 no problem. So I have been spending the past few days playing with it. I really like it a lot! I am getting caught up on Heroes (missed it this past season) and can now watch it on the phone while working out! So handy. Also, makes the workout fly by. I have been reading that people are having trouble with the keyboard aspect of the phone, but i love it! Really easy to use and the phone guesses what you are typing and finishes a lot of your words for you.

Mike and I are headed to Cabo on Saturday for a week of relaxation at Sunset Beach resort. I am taking books and lots of knitting. I am so ready to relax and do very little. Will post pics of the knitting when we return, as well as the 2 sweaters I have made from "Fitted Knits". I still need to block those suckers.

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larissa said...

Super time knitting and hanging out with you. My sweater is getting there. more pics to come next week.