Tuesday, June 12, 2007

First Baby Pic and tiny Booties...so cute!

Mid-week post. That almost NEVER happens. Must be something pretty special to get Karyn blogging on a weekday.

Finuola Rose born Sunday morning. I met her today for the first time. She took an hour-long nap (i think her mom might have dozed off too) in my arms, sucked on the pacifier for the first time with me, and we changed her first diaper at home. Wow, so many firsts today. She came home from the hospital this afternoon and I drove over for a visit. Not quite 60 hours old, and already the prettiest girl in the room. I am smitten.

When I got word that she arrived (a few days early) I found a cute pattern for maryjane-type booties and knit them up really fast. I used two colors of pink with light pink buttons.

Thank goodness I went over today, these booties fit perfectly. A few more days and she will be out of them. This girl has some long feet!


Annika said...

I'm smitten too! What a sweet baby.

anneland22 said...

That is not only a pretty newborn but she is also cute...very hard to do before 4 months...she is gorgeous.

Debra said...

Gorgeous baby and beautiful booties. What a stunning baby gift. Can you tell me where you found the pattern. I would love to make a pair for my niece!

:-) Debra