Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry X-Mas and all that...

We had a great holiday here at our house, Mike's mom just left this morning to go back to Philly. I have been kitting like a mad-woman for the past 2 weeks, trying to get everything ready for x-mas. Thankfully, i finished with a few hours to spare, even managed to knit a little for myself.

Here is the finished purse with pretty lining that I felted for my step-mom. I think she was surprised when she opened it!

My first attempt at the Sheldon turtle from this season's Knitty. I knit it on size 10 1/2 dpns, so it is gigantic! Perfect for my knit undersea display in my classroom.

Since the big green one turned out ok, I decided (last thursday) to make a smaller one for the tot in our family, Ridgely. He is Mike's nephew. That gave me 4 days to get the whole thing done. I finished assembly on x-mas eve around 10 pm. argh, what a relief to get that off the needles. This one was done with worsted weight yarn and size 4 needles. I love how cute this patern is! Also, kudos to the author, since it is so readable and very easy to understand. If you are looking for a challenging but do-able double-pointed project, try Sheldon. Trust me! I have a purple one on the needles now, with a pink shell. My friend Leslie in Chicago is having a baby in March. Plenty of time!!!!!

No sure when my next class will be. We need to put on our thinking caps and come up with something fun to teach. Any suggestions? Call Yarn Garden or email me.

School is out for another 2 weeks, hopefully the kids are home knitting their fingers off. They have a design project due the first day back from break, along with a pattern that they wrote. Then, the final! A baby sweater and beanie. The more advanced kids will probably want to add a pair of booties as well. These kids are unbelievable! We have 3 weeks left in the semester. I'll post picks of their work as it comes in.

Have a safe and happy new year!


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