Saturday, January 20, 2007

First Post of the New Year

20th day of 2007 and I am finally finding a few minutes to blog. I have been knitting a lot, working a lot and that's about it! School has been back in session for 2 weeks and the kids are frantically knitting their final project. Over the winter holiday break, they were designing and knitting their own ideas. Here are some pics of what they came up with:

Ronald knit a patch for the back of a jacket. It is a playing card: the ace of spades

Kiera knit some earrings. Very fashionable.

Lucy made a warm hat with ear flaps and pom poms!

Jennifer made another doll! This one is for her baby sister.

Heather models a black and gray beanie.

Donations are rolling in for Stitches From the Heart. Here is Lauren, a senior, who made 30 baby hats! Way to go Lauren!!!

My personal knitting is doing well. I have made 4 of the Sheldon turtles (enough!!!!) from and have discovered this great pattern from DIY for baby UGG boots. I can't stop making them!

Next onto the needles will be the trellis baby cable sweater from My friend Maggie is having a girl in June, and she is asking for the girliest stuff so we can play dressup with her baby, Finn. Can't wait for Finn to wear her Uggs!

Last week I took a group of students on the UCLA Research boat out of Marina del Rey. We had an awesome time!

Here is a buoy with sea lions laying around. Lucky guys!

Three snowy egrets landed on the back of the boat when we were pulling back into the marina. My supre-cool new digital camera captured this:


LizKnits said...

great stuff! What kind of camera did you get?

ms. newbill said...

i got a nikon D80 for my birthday, with 2 lenses. it is a great digital camera, really more than i need for blog photos. now we are talking about a 3-week trip to China, so i can take pics.