Monday, August 14, 2006

This Week's Class at Yarn Garden

baby stuff! easy sweater, booties and hat set. this 2-week class will get you ready to knit for every baby you know and for all those on their way!

straight needles you might want to bring with you (at the biggest point you will have ~140 sts on your needles, so longer needles are recommended, circular will also work, but we are not knitting in the round):
US 10 ½ (sweater for 9-12 month old baby)
US 9 (sweater for 6-9 month old baby)
US 8 (sweater for 3-6 month old baby)
US 6 (sweater for newborn baby *if doing the preemie sweater, you might want to use baby weight yarn
US 4 (sweater for preemie *if doing the preemie sweater, you might wan to use baby weight yarn)
***if you want a bigger sweater, you can use double (or triple) yarn and bigger needles. the booties and hat are similar in size ranges, so you can use the same needles.

week 1: we will begin the sweater, making sure everyone "gets" the fancy new stitch. the result is so pretty! for homework, you will get to the sleeves of the sweater, and (if you have time) you can whip out a hat and some booties.

week 2: we will continue the sweater, picking up from the sleeves and adding a few stitches. The sweater is knit in one piece, so there is minimal sewing together when you are finished.

Call Yarn Garden for more information and to sign up 818-980-6667

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