Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another Sunday, another Blog Entry

A few crazy things happened this week. First, our pride and joy, Charlie Brown, got sick. He woke us up on Wednesday night (Thursday morning) with a swollen schnozz and puffy eyes. We rushed him to the emergency vet hospital in Studio City and they said it was probably a spider bite. Back in bed by 4 am, swelling under control, dog and humans snoring nicely. All was ok. Thursday, he was sluggish (so were we!) but the swelling came back around 4 pm, so Mike took him to our vet for another shot of steroids and antihistimine. We had another restless night, I was up every hour checking his face. Long story short, it is now Sunday and the boy isn't acting like his old self yet. He mopes around the house and sleeps a lot. The vet tells us this is normal, but I sorta miss the hyper guy who was demanding attention all the time. Here is a pic of his highness after our first trip to the vet. Note the "Rocky Balboa" face. Very puffy.

Latest Completed Project!!!

Here is the Fendi purse, interpreted by moi. I made it bigger, and skipped the bow on the front. It works, but let me tell you, knitting it in the round was a mistake. If youa re going to do something like this, I suggest knitting it flat as a long rectangle, then sewing it up. In hindsight, that would have been easier. At one end of the rectangle, just work 3 increase rows then 1x1 ribbing for 5 rows. Bind off and voila, you have a fendi-type purse. I added my favorite easy strap, the thrift store tie.

This week at YARN GARDEN!!!!!
The next knitting project class we will tackle is FELTING! This will be a 2 week class, meeting Thursday evenings, 6:30-8:30. Total cost is $40 for both nights. Bring your fancy yarns to add to the body of your purse and size 13 long circular needles. We will write your pattern once you decide what you want to do. First week will be yarn selection and overall design, and second week we will felt your completed bag during class, and discuss finishing techniques. Call Yarn Garden at 818-980-6667 to sign up!

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Polly said...

You totally are my purse leader. I have the 2 sides done for the brea bag (your suggestion) but ran out of yarn. Dont want that to happen on this one. How much yarn would you suggest if I do Knit Picks Wool of the Andes? Again, thanks for inspiring me!