Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Yes, it is that time again. First day of school. Usually the kids say YUCK! but these kids are saying YEAH! because they are enrolled in Knitting at Pali High! This looks like another fun group of community service-doers, risk-takers, fun-havers, lesson-learners...ok you get my point.

Huge thanks to those of you who have sent me boxes and dropped off yarn and stuff for the kids. Melinda came by school this afternoon with a treasure trove of goodies. I met Nancy this past weekend (turns out we are neighbors) and she gave me a big bag of yarn. You have all been so fabulous to us throughout the years and our success is due to you. THANKS!

I can't wait to get the knitting club going again. We usually have another 40 knitters there, so all together we should have over 100 knitters this year!

After my summer off (from blogging and school work) I have a few things to show for my time away. I took a machine knitting class at Otis and love it! I have been designing a few sweaters for an evening wear collection that a friend is working on. My sweaters are not as cool as her gowns, but they sort of make the dresses be more funky and hip, less formal gowns. Can't wait to show you some pics.

I have also been working on a home improvement project all summer. My dad and I built a deck in my backyard. We used composite lumber which is made with recycled plastic and sawdust from mills. Totally recycled! Here is a before and a few after shots. This kept us occupied for 6 weeks. There was a steep learning curve and I have come away with such a respect for construction workers. We were beat at the end of each day because we did all of the work (including the landscaping) on our own.

BEFORE: old deck was 8 feet deep and was a waste of space. never used.

UP ON THE DECK: now I have room for a big table, chaise lounges, a BBQ and dance floor if we want it! 500 sq. feet

LANDSCAPING: so much prettier than before. I am a huge fan of bark chips!


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Wow, that deck is GORGEOUS (as is the patio furniture and landscaping!!) Can I come live there?

Andi said...

That deck rocks! So gorgeous