Saturday, April 07, 2007

Spring Break...Portland, Oregon!

I spent the beginning of Spring Break up in Portland, visiting with my great friend Jen, her hubby Jake and their cute baby Ellery. She's 18 months old. Here is Ellery wearing Mr. Potatohead's glasses.

Jen and I drove down to Eugene, the scene of many college exploits. We hadn't been back there together since I graduated in (gulp) 1994, and it was so strange driving around checking out our old haunts. We dined at the Glenwood, home of the famous tomato and cheese soup. We can highly recommend it next time you are in Eugene, Oregon and looking for something to eat. Here is Ellery feeding herself a pear. I think she REALLY likes eating that pear.

then Ellery fed Jen a bite. The people sitting around us at the restaurant clapped when they saw this! So funny!

I got a ton of knitting off the needles while up in the Pacific NW. I made a pair of Jess Hutchison bunnies. I embroidered "e" on each one. "ee" are Ellery's initials.

Here is Ellery test-driving the bunnies on the morning I left. This kid is so much fun to be around. Seriously. She is getting really adventurous with talking and will parrot whatever you say. Sometimes it is right, other times we get a good laugh. Jen kept pointing at me and saying "Karyn...Karyn". Ellery, would think for a second, then clearly say "Donna...Donna". Well, close enough for now, she's only 18 months old. Maybe by my next visit I will get to hear my real name. Or, maybe I'll forever be Donna when up in Portland. No biggie!

The big baby shower is a week away and I am getting ready. I spent most of today finishing up the party favors. I made soy candles scented with jasmine. I poured them into little jars that look like baby food jars, and made a cute label. Then, I tied a baby bootie to each one. I can't believe I made 48 of these! They turned out so cute, I can't wait to hand them out at the party. I'll post pics of that next time.


Thea said...

The booties are really cute and the pearls are a great touch.

ambella said...

I just ran accross your blog (totally random!) by searching for a picture throught google images. I saw this picture of your daughter (I assume) and instantly thought of my son and this picture from March!!

Jackson Glasses

what goofy kids :) I don't really have a blog ( I just signed up so I could show you that, haha) but I've been thinking of starting one anyway.

Take care!