Friday, March 23, 2007

Planning a Baby Shower and Teaching DPNs...what a week!

Whew! Made it to the end of another crazy week. One week to go until Spring Break! I can make it...I can make it!!!!!

This week I sent out the invitations for my friend Maggie's baby shower. I am planning the whole thing. A simple task, I thought. Then she handed me the invite list. 50 people. Yikes! I quickly decided that I could not afford to buy that many printed invitations, so I made them myself. I am pretty proud of the results...the vellum overlay has a pink bow (Maggie is having a girl, Finn)

The vellum slides to the side to reveal the invite details. My next task is to find an economical party favor to give to 50 people. Of course, didn't I mention that everyone is RSVPing YES??!!?!?! Great. I think I have settled on jasmine candles in glass jars. I'll wrap the whole thing in tulle and tie it with a pink bow. Maggie insists on lots of pink!

This week in yarn land, my advanced girls are learning double pointed needles and are knitting with the yarn they dyed last week. Pretty cool! Here is Jordan getting the hang of it.

Christine is shy and didn't want her picture taken. Here are her hands...

Shannon is shy too. Her hands...

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