Monday, April 23, 2007

Catching Up...

I finally finished Andi's birthday present. I made her the yellow cable computer bag with leather straps. It turned out really great! Look how cute Andi is!!!!!

Instead of a cake, I bought a dozen world-famous Sprinkles cupcakes (my second favorite...since Saint Cupcake is only in Portland, Oregon) for Andi's big day. We stuffed ourselves with too many yummy cakes and had some pretty great pub food (baked mashed potatoes!) at the 3rd Stop on 3rd street in Beverly Hills.

The next morning, bright and way-too early, we headed up to Malibu for Maggie's baby shower. It was a windy but beautiful day and the party was great. So many fun people, some very creative gifts and delicious food.
Here is Maggie opening presents with her son, Charlie

Knitted presents from me

We decorated onesies with fabric crayons for the new baby. They turned out really cute!

Our Malibu view. Spectacular!

Me and Maggie

I have made a new addition to the Knitting Oasis. I took some embroidery hoops and stretched bits of my favorite fabrics. Then I hung these on the wall up the stairs. I saw this on someone's blog and loved the idea. The hoops were $1 each at Michael Levine downtown and I used fabric that I already had. What makes this so special is that I get to see fabric from past projects that are long gone. It is sort of like making a quilt, but with almost no effort.

This is a new addition to my classroom. I saw it when I took my students to Catalina in February. It is an outline of a sea lion and one of a surfer, as seen from below by a shark. I made these out of black felt. Sharks are not the smartest animals out there, so they are easily confused by these similar shapes. Humans are mistaken for sea lions (a big source of food for great white sharks) and occasionally sharks take a bite of the wrong food. I will hang these two outlines on the ceiling of my classroom with some basic facts about sharks. Swim at your own risk!

The latest project to fall off my needles is another Jess Hutch bunny with really long ears. I jsut took her pattern and added 20 rows to each ear. I used a hand-dyed wool that turned out really awesome. Next up is another Sheldon Turtle from

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