Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pinwheel Baby Sweater is Complete!

Last night I finished the Pinwheel baby sweater. I LOVE THIS SWEATER! Seriously, it is the perfect sweater. It has no seams to sew up and all you have to do when you are finished is weave in your color changes. Not a big deal at all. My favorite thing about this little gem is that it will fit for 4 years. Turned one way it fits a baby 6-9 months old. Just fold up the sleeves to the right length.

here it is from the back

and from the front

Once the baby has grown out of it in this position, you just flip it over and you get a whole new sweater! Wear it in this position and it will fit a 4 year old! Just keep unrolling the sleeves for the right arm length! A concern of mine when knitting baby sweaters is that the kid grows so fast that the sweater is worn once then put away forever (or until another baby comes along). This sweater postpones that for a few years. Makes all of your hard work worth it!

here is the back

here is the front

Here is the yarn for the next one. I am seriously addicted!

Here is a link to the pinwheel baby sweater pattern. I also bought the yarn from the website, each skein was only $2!!!

All is well and I am looking forward to Valentine's Day. Mike is always thoughtful and sweet, sends me flowers at work. Brightens my classroom and makes me feel great. I am not sure what to get him this year. Probably just a card and some kisses. Hopefully we can find time to go out to dinner. Wednesday night is a tough night to schedule a date. Smack dab in the middle of the week. Can we change V-day to always be a Saturday night? Who should we write to?


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WhatWouldBetseyDo said...

this is sooo cool. Thanks karen for sharing, I'm checking out the pattern now to use up some of my stash.