Friday, February 02, 2007

Finals are OVER!!!!!!

Finals week is officially over and I am wrecked. heehee. I did get a lot of knitting done during the actual 4 hours of finals each day, so there is a silver lining, right? Here is a photo collage of some of the sweaters that the kids finished and donated to Stitches From the Heart! I am so proud of all they accomplished this semester.

I met my new batch of knitters today. I have 16 returning stitchers and 17 newbies. First task: get the new kids knitting! The advanced kids are working on pattern reading for the first few weeks then we dive into CABLES!!!!! Am I nuts? Probably! but they have been asking for cables and dpns. ok, sure! I honestly think these kids have no fear! I am hoping to use up some more of the donated yarn and have the kids knit blanket squares or scarves with cables. I have 6 boys in class this semester, which is great. The class seems to be getting more popular and there is a 20-person waiting list! Yipee!!!!!!

On a personal note, I finally finished the Kate cat from I changed the colors a bit and LOVE the results! This was FUN TO KNIT and really has some great shaping written in. I think my students might like to make this one! There are so many knitted toys out there. Since I am still waiting for my yarn from elann to show up, I am knitting a crab for my deep sea display in class. So far it has a main body and 3 legs. It is a start but 7 legs to go. Hopefully I'll post pics of it by next weekend.

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Laurie Ann said...

Your students are so talented. It's great to see the next generation embracing the craft.