Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy President's Day...How do you celebrate?

I saw Wicked at the Pantages Theater here in LA yesterday! Such a treat! My aunt Barbara, cousins Kori and Kristyn, Kristyn's hubby Justin, and their daughter Weslie came over from Arizona for the long weekend, and we saw the Sunday matinee. If you have a way to get tickets (apparently tough to get through the end of the summer) GO GO GO! I had a wonderful dinner playing catch-up with Kori and Barbara and really miss my extended family, most of whom live in Arizona. They read my blog, so I want to give them all a little shout out! I gave Kristyn a few knit items I had stashed for her youngest daughter, Brooklyn, and the Kate cat from was a gift for Weslie. She dragged it around the theater, to the bathroom and was still deciding on a name as we walked to the car.

I finished another pinwheel baby sweater! Seriously folks, knit this sweater. It is easy with a dash of challenging, and knits up really fast. I will start my third one within the next week.

here is the front of the sweater, when worn by a "kid"

back of the "kid" sweater

back of the "baby" sweater

front of the "baby" sweater

This one is for my friend Leslie in Chicago. She and her husband are expecting any minute now, a girl with bright red hair! I thought the greens and greys would look great with red hair.

Next up on my needles! A cable tote bag like this one. I have to write a pattern for it, but I have a general concept in mind.

My advanced students are all learning cables right now. I assigned a sampler of 4 different cable types. Once they have these 4 down, they can pick a project with at least one cable. Hat, scarf, purse, clutch, tote, sweater. Knitter's choice. I am going to show those interested how to write a pattern from an idea. From yarn selection all the way to finishing. My plan for this tote is to have a cobbler add the leather at the top (with straps) as well as a bottom piece of leather that keeps the knitting off of the floor, and gives the bottom some strength. Later in the week I'll post picks of the cable samples that they are working on, as well as progress on their cable projects.

Spend some time knitting each day. Even if it is only 5 minutes. :)


AJ said...

Gorgeous Pinwheel Sweater! Reminds me that I need to finish mine! I love your color combo!

GGirl said...

Wow, I want to knit both the sweater and the tote. Cant wait till you write up the pattern. I would love it if you could forward it on to me!


GGirl said...

Grrr., not sure why my daughters profile is popping up with my note to you. If you do end up typing up the cable tote pattern, I am :-)

Sandy said...

Love the sweater. Would it work for a size 6? Is this your pattern or where would I find it?