Sunday, November 12, 2006

New Donations and Knitted Toys!!!!!

Something wonderful happened today. Fayanne, a yarn angel, has donated TONS of great yarn to our class. This is her livingroom this afternoon, after many people came by and picked up yarn. Thanks so much to Fayanne for the generous donation! I will keep you posted throughout the year(s) of the great things my kids do with this stuff.

Speaking of great kids, this is Ivonne and Jennifer. They are beginners and decided to tackle a toy bunny. Jennifer made a baby sweater set for her third ever project (she is so good!) and they thought a knitted toy was the next logical step.

They knit the body in a single piece, then sewed up the toes and the legs and stuffed as they went. They are in the process of adding the finishing touches. Face, ears, jaunty scarf. Who knows?!? I am eager to see the progress they have made this weekend. I'll post pics of their finished bunnies next time.

Another super-motivated knitter is Shannon. On her own, with no prodding from me, she found this funny pattern for a little man. With no previous construction experience, she pieced this doll together last weekend. Here he is keeping my coral reef tank company. Way to go, Shannon!

I have been busy as well. I purchased some mohair from Suss Designs and made this tam. Charlie moved, i moved and the picture is weird, but the tam is fabu and I can't wait for a little bit of a chill so I can wear it and keep my head warm.

Last night I went to the USC stomping of the Oregon Ducks. Not fun, since I am a Duck fan. Graduated in 1994. A fun time was had by all, here is Jack (my favorite football fan) and me standing in front of the stadium. A little intimidating, to say the least!

Then, to top off a weekend of gluttony (Barney's Beanery for burgers and beer on Saturday afternoon followed by stadium food last night) we got up early to brave the crowds at The Griddle on Sunset at Fairfax. Holy Pancakes! Check out the size of my pumpkin pie pancakes! I got through the first one and had to admit defeat. Their selection is awesome, and the portions would feed a large group. My out of town friends enjoyed the LA-style diner, and I enjoyed the company.

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Tonja said...

I love the tam!! Can you guide me toward a good pattern for a man's version? I want to make one for my dad for x-mas.