Sunday, November 05, 2006

It 's The Little Things That Make All The Difference

I had a great week. Professionally and personally. My knitters are "getting it" and I am filled with joy when I see this appreication for knitting growing in them. Nothing could make me happier in the classroom. A great example this week is LaTijera. She found a simple pattern for baby booties and wanted me to show her how to make them. I was busy with another student, and asked her to read the pattern all the way through, and highlight anything she thought she didn't understand. She happily went back to her seat and began her task. I didn't hear back from her for about 30 minutes, when she proudly showed me the purple bootie she had finished on her own. "But what about knitting in the front and back of a stitch?" I asked. "Oh, you were busy, so I looked in the book's glossary and figured it out myself." This is music to a teacher's ears. I took initiative and figured it out on my own. Better yet, she then taught someone else how to do it. Now, there are booties springing up all over the room. They can go with our slew of baby hats. Hopefully, this passion will sustain through the baby sweater assignment!

the first bootie

LaTijera working in class

Mike and I carved pumpkins on Monday night in preparation for the onslaught of trick-or-treaters we were expecting Tuesday evening. Here are our favorite carvings, but we did 10 pumpkins total. They lined the driveway and our front walkway, and were accompanied by halloween music playing from the house and lots of scary skeletons and other decor. I really like Halloween. (sigh) We had about 400 visitors that night, and still managed to have leftover candy. I took it to school and my students got rid of it very fast. Scarily fast.

Hannibal Lechter

Dracula Burns

Jack Skellington

Charlie and I went on a few car rides on Saturday. He is obviously getting better at riding in the car. Here he is relaxing and using the arm rest.

My latest project. The tam. I have seen them on celebs lately (Kirsten Dunst and Ashlee Simpson) and yet I still want one.

The grey one I made is a little bit big, so I am trying to shrink it. I have started a new one, in pink mohair from Suss. I'll post pics once I have one that fits!


anneland22 said...

Where did the bootie pattern come from? Very cute. And I greatly appreciated your Hannibal pumpkin...he is my favorite literary and movie villan ever. Sad on the beret...elastic in the band?

Petunia Honeysuckle said...

Hi Karyn! Love LaTijera's baby shoe, it came out great. I'd love to know which pattern she used. Please post it :)

Petunia Honeysuckle said...

Hi Karyn! Love LaTijera's baby shoe, it's great. I'd also like to knot which pattern she used. Please post it?

WhatWouldBetseyDo said...

Karyn, thanks for the Sheldon Turtle post. I didn't even think about doing it in other colors; here I was, holding onto the printout until I could get some green yarn.
But what a great idea, just go ahead and do other colors.