Thursday, May 25, 2006

Who Likes Yarn?

ok, so i think i might be starting a little business. A student, Sarah, gave me a cute little poster she bought at the Fairfax Swap Meet (thanks, Sarah!!!) and my dad and I photoshopped it a bit to come up with my "business logo".

I LOVE IT!!!!!

The creation of a name has inspired me to make some stuff. My first venture was necklaces. That was going well (see earlier post) but the necklaces take a long time and I was getting impatient. Next I tried some earrings. The photos aren't that great, but I love them in person. And I love that the tag is my logo!!!!!!


Anna said...

Wow! I love the ear-rings! Adorable logo, also.

Justine said...

Love the logo, very cute. I was thinking about someday starting a little business so I can't wait to hear how you're doing!

anneland22 said...


I love, love your earrings. They were a pleasant find at the shop the other day. Eventually, we will hopefully meet up on person ;). See ya at the Yarn Garden some day.