Friday, May 05, 2006

Pelican At Pali High!

crazy day here on Wednesday. A pelican flew onto campus, and was disoriented and confused. The kids came and got me (the marine biology teacher MUST know what is up, right?) and took me to the sad guy. Turns out a lot of the local pelicans are "sick" and acting strangely. I called Tristan at California Wildlife Rescue up in Malibu and they came down to Pali and picked up the bird. So many kids were interested in hearing about the new arrival, but all of the noise from the kids was agitating the pelican. We kept him in a small area until help arrived. All told, it was a successful rescue. I am hoping to turn this into a classroom lesson, so I am currently researching this phenomenon. Could be that he flew into a building (apparently younger birds do that sometimes) or that he is sick. Tristan told me that they are seeing so many young pelicans that are malnourished and the cause is still unknown. Interesting! I'll keep you posted.

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