Sunday, May 07, 2006

Nautiloids Are Attacking Charlie!!!!!

I finished a few of the nautiloids from Love the pattern, it is pretty easy and knits up quick. Thanks to Tiffany Jan, my student who inspired me to knit this project. She wanted to learn to use double-pointed needles, so I downloaded the pattern and knit along with her. Tiffany has a complete shell and is now working on the tentacles, her project is due Thursday. I'lll post pics when she turns it in.

Here are mine attacking a very patient Charlie Brown, my model.

Here they are in a yin-yang posture. So tranquil.


anneland22 said...

your nautilaus set is awesome!

I just started working at the Yarn Garden and Tiffany mentioned that you were planning on a kids class over the summer. I took down a name of a girl who is looking for some summer activities. I hope your planned classes work out. I'll keep taking down names when interest arises.


Melinda said...

Those Nautiloids are AWESOME! Which Knitty are they from? I love your earrings too. And your logo... lol... also I have a big box of acrilic yarn I could donate if the kids would like to knit for donation with it. I bought it on eBay recently. 10 pounds! I might keep a little of it but they could have most of it.