Friday, September 30, 2005

the blanket squares are rolling in!

Here is Lupe with one of her finished squares. She checked in a few days late but was thr first to finish a square. Way to go, Lupe!

Esther also finished her first square, here is her version of a verigated blue square. This blanket is going to be very colorful.

La Shae is our expert in fixing mistakes, and she finished her first square and is well into her second square.

All squares are due next Friday, when we will begin our next project: scarves with a design-your-own pattern. Students will have to go buy their own yarn, knitter's choice, then design and write a pattern for their very own scarf creation. The pattern will be due first, and once approved, the knitter will begin their scarf.


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Kool Knitter said...

Hey I LOVE how they let you have a knitting class at your school.........That is so Cool!!!!