Friday, September 16, 2005

Class has begun!!!!!!!

School started last wednesday, and we are up and knitting! I am so proud of the kids, they are all working so hard! By the end of the first period, everyone (26 students) was knitting! I was so exhausted. Our second day was even better, the knitting was progressing, the knit stitches were loosening up, and they all learned to bind off and cast on.
Everyone took their little bit of yarn and needles home for the weekend and came back with some pretty interesting progress. Now we have met 5 times and everyone has "mastered" knit, purl, cast on and bind off. I wrote a few basic 8" square patterns and gave out our first assignment. We are knitting squares for a few baby blankets, to donate to Stitches From The Heart. Each student is doing at least 2 squares, so I am hopeful that we will be able to complete 3 blankets in a week. Thanks to Suss Design for the yarn we are using for this project. Pictures are coming soon, hopefully this weekend. Thanks to all of you who donated yarn to this class, you helped encourage 26 new knitters!!!!! I am looking for a good second project. Any suggestions?


Lois said...
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