Saturday, October 08, 2005

Our First Assignment Is Complete

Friday was the official due date...the squares were due.

Here is a picture of the squares that were turned in.

I think we will donate them to the afgan-a-thon being put on by Knitzilla.

Many students fiinished 2 squares, and some were still mastering knit and purl with their first square. The ultimate goal was achieved, we learned to knit! Congratulation go out to all of you guys, I am very proud of the progress you have made in the last few weeks.

The award for most improved goes to Angela, who "mastered" basket stitch and now knows how to fix dropped stitches. There are tons of adults knitters who can't do that. :) Way to go, Angela.

Up next: scarf design! Each student will design a scarf pattern, write it out, get supplies, and make an example. The entire project is due October 24th, hopefully the weather will cooperate and turn into "scarf weather".

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