Sunday, April 06, 2008

Baby Showers every weekend!

Hey all,
Seems like I am on baby shower overload. There is a baby shower every weekend this month! Yikes! We have a record number of pregnant women at work. So many that the local paper is writing an article about the baby boom at our school.
Last weekend we threw our boss, Amy, a baby shower in Topanga. A beautiful day and a fun crowd. I made a diaper cake and wrapped it in tulle. I love it and was sorta sad to give it up.
With no tulle...

With tulle...

Here we are with the mommies-to-be. Amy and Julie are preggers, Maggie and I threw the party. Baby Fin is the cutest, by far. Julie's party is this saturday. Watch out for more diaper cake and many more knit surprises!

Of course we dined in style. We had homemade quiche, scones, salads and cheese plates.

Tea and lemonade completed the brunch

Little Fin modeling my latest gift, a simple hat made form some hand-dyed yarn I got at the yarn exchange at Farmer's Market SnB.

I have a ton more to blog. So much more that I have knit. I sent a few boxes with knitted gifts to some friends with kids and am awaiting pictures to post.

Up next? I am knitting a corn on the cob and turning it into a rattle. For a shower. This weekend. Gotta go knit!

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Jenean said...

Love the diaper cake! How many bags of diapers did you use to make the cake? How simple! LOVE!