Sunday, March 02, 2008

New Group of Knitters

Spring semester has sprung and I have 35 knitters to show off. 16 are returning (a few for the third time). Here is a group of pictures from class last week.

This first group is affectionately known as the "soccer girls". They are on the team and this year made it pretty far in the playoffs. Way to go, girls! They are all returning knitters, and are currently finishing up cupcake hats.

Here is LaTijera, she is in her 3rd semester of knitting. Here she is working on a cabled beret on dpns. She also has a matching scarf and will do a purse for the set next.

This group is made up of all new knitters. They are learning the basics and working really hard. I am excited to see what fun scarves they design for their next project.

Another few new knitters. Check out their yarn color choices. Very nice. They are all knitting squares for baby blankets that we will donate to Stitches From the Heart.

Remi and Tiffany. They are new to the class and new to knitting. They went out the first day and splurged on supplies like luxury yarn and neat needles.

Here is Sarah and a few more returning knitters. They are making sure she understands the basics...knit and purl. sarah is a fast learner and has already moved onto the scarf design project.

Here is Breanna using the swift to wind a hank of yarn. She has designed the coolest scarf! It is red, yellow and green and will have a peace sign in knits and purls repeated in each color change. I can't wait to see her progress.

Bridget: cupcake hat knitter extraordinaire! She has finished the cupcakes and moved on to a beret in black. The Boho beret by Shanitta. So many of the kids have been knitting it.

Jordan and the girls. He is a returning knitter and loves to knit presents for his girlfriend. So sweet.

I have been knitting a lot lately as well. So many cupcake hats! So many friends having babies! I decided I needed a break from the baby hat and dove into the banana rattle. Naturally.

The banana actually is knit in 2 pieces, and can come completely out of the peel. I stuffed it and added some jingle bells. It is for a friend who is due in June.

I want to thank all of the generous knitters at the WeHo SnB last week who donated 4 huge bags of yarn to my kids. I have been passing out various fun balls of yarn for them to sample. What a sneeky way to get them hooked on knitting! We are corrupting the youth of America. heehee...thanks again!

This is a batch of berry tarts I made a few days back. Blueberry and apples. Delish!

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Ellen Bloom said...


It's so great to see that you are inspiring a whole new generation of knitters! Way to go!

Ellen B.
WeHo SnB