Friday, May 25, 2007

More Knitting Updates and some animals too...

Here is another picture from the Long Beach aquarium. This is my favorite fish: the Leafy Sea Dragon. A few years ago in Australia, we went diving in search of these little guys. I was disappointed after the first dive when we didn't see any! Back on the surface, the dive guide asked if I got enough pictures. I said I didn't see any! Apparently, they were all over the place, but so well camouflaged that I missed every single one. The next few dives were better and I saw lots and lots. The display at the LB Aquarium is the best I have ever seen. The dragons are in a dimly lit tank with lots of seaweed to hid in.

My friend Todd Shattuck runs the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro, so I called and asked if I could bring my students out for a field trip. He took us on a tour of their facililty, as well as did some short educational activities with the group. The facility is open to the public and free. If you have kids or are interested in seeing some seals and sea lions up close, I urge you to make the trip. They are located in Point Fermin, up at the tip of San Pedro at Fort MacArthur. You can see the rehabilitation techniques used to heal the sick seals and sea lions. When we were there they had over 100 sick animals. Some are abandoned babies, others have domoic acid poisoning from an algae bloom in the ocean. This is a neurotoxin that literally makes them "crazy". They do not eat, they haul out on the beach and starve to death. Todd and his group of amazing volunteers (including college students, veterinarians and other health care professionals) feed and give medicine to these poor guys until they are ready to be re-released. This is a group of sea lions who are still sick enough that they need to be separated from other animals.


Here is how far I am on my second sock as I knit along with the kids. We are all doing the Jaywalker socks. Nice, simple pattern with a tiny bit of pattern thrown in to keep you on your toes. I have more done now, and am approaching the toe decreases, waiting for the kids to catch up to me.

Here is Evelyn C. showing off her version of Jess Hutchinson's Bunny pattern that is free on her blog. Evelyn added a face and buttons down the front. Very cute. We donated this one to Stitches From the Heart in Santa Monica, along with a huge bag of other knitted stuff. Way to go, Evelyn! She was in knitting class last semester as well, but didn't get as advanced as a few of the other girls. What a change I have seen in her knitting recently! She decided to go back and reknit the assingments from last semester because she didn't like how they turned out before. She is on the home stretch of the 5-hour baby sweater then will begin her socks. I am really proud of her effort, and love that she is appreciating the time and dedication that knitting takes. Way to go, Evelyn!

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Drusilla said...

Whoa, Karyn! Take a second look at the R side of yr photo! That's not Evelyn, it's the Mona Lisa!!!