Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean, I salute you!!!!!!

What kind of socks was the pirate's wife always knitting for him?


Mike and I went to see Pirates Part Deux on Friday and LOVED IT! In honor of the movie, I am knitting then felting a Jolly Roger purse. Pink on pink, of course. Here is the purse before the handles (which get added after felting), sitting on a chair (for reference size). I'll felt it this afternoon then take more pics later. I used Lambs Pride (from Yarn Garden,Tiffany has a GREAT color selection!!!) since it knits up so quickly. I did this on a #11 needle. So easy!!!!!!!

Thank you to all of my fellow stitch-n-bitchers (am I allowed to use the entire name?) who advised me on how to go from jpeg file to intarsia graph. I settled on, an awesome website that converts files into charts. Go check it out! That is how I did the skull! Simple. Jules pointed me to them. Thanks, Jules.

On my drive home from YG this afternoon, my thermometer in the car said it was 97 degrees in the valley. As soon as I crossed over into Hollywood, the temp. went down to a managable 84. I don' tknow how all of you valley folk do it. Stronger than i, that's for sure. I would be melted into a little puddle in my livingroom, not leaving my house until midnight.

I am teaching another class this week at Yarn Garden. SHHHHRUGS and SHHHHAWLS: secrets exposed!!! Here are some pics of things you could do. If you are interested in the class, please call Tiffany at 818.980.6667 to sign up. Space is limited.

here is a pic of the shrug with a close up of the sleeve. so pretty!

this is a basic shawl, front and back.

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kristina wong said...

patterns! i want to see patterns for these! i think the choice of yarn helps too! they look great!