Sunday, July 16, 2006

IT IS SO HOT!!!!!!

I found this cheap purse at PacSun. So I bought three of them. Great. I decided to try dyeing them different colors then I thought I'd give them away. My first attempt at adding color was sort of a failure. The lime green dye, turns out, is NOT for cotton, only protein-based fabrics, like silk and wool. I dabbed the dye on, let it soak...

...and the finished product looks like a highlighter leaked in my purse. Not exactly what i was hoping for.

So, I went with the tried-and-true RIT DYE. I donned my gloves, and filled the washer. First I did pink, and I like the results.

Next came dark green. I love this purse and am considering keeping it for myself.

Since I had a washer full of dark green dye, I rummaged through my stuff to find a few more things to dye. I came up with a flower hankie and a slip. The hankie is great and the slip didn't work. Let me tell you...when the package says that polyester will not dye, they are telling the truth. I let it soak for over an hour. I did everything I could think of, researched online, pulled out a few-too-many-hairs, and still, as the results show, polyester will not dye. At least not with RIT or anything else that is super easy. Oh well, I am thinking of cutting it into a short dress and wearing a tank top and slip (redundant).
Something else I finished up this week was the felted revolver purse. I added a scarf handle and it is perfect! I love it!!!!!

Here are a few pics of my garden. It was such a hot day and normally I would be inside, but the flowers and the orange tree were posing so well.

This week, I am teaching swiss darning (easy intarsia) at Yarn Garden in Studio City. Call Tiffany to sign up. $30. All materials are included for use to practice during class. Plus you get a big packet of patterns and knitting graph paper! If you want to bring your own supplies, I suggest a tapestry needle, and maybe some size 7 or 8 knitting needles. This Thursday from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.

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