Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sweaters Newbill Made (and finally finished)

Here is a sweater that I made last summer but just got around to finishing this week. It has been haunting me for months. I plan to wear it with a long tank top underneath and jeans. so cute!!!!

This is a little jacket i made by modifying the 5-hour baby sweater. I am hoping the kids who continue on in knitting next semester will start making things for themselves. Seems like all we did was donate things to various charities!

This is an experimental shrug-type thing I made that sort of looks like astroturf (super bowl homage). I will make another one, just not using this yarn. Too 3-dimensional. :)

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Katie said...

Randomly this new blogger came across your site and all the wonderful pictures. I have been an knitter for years, since age 12 and that means 45 years as I am not a 57 year old grandma of seven. I have taught many to knit also. Recently I did a class in my home, last fall for beginning adults. My 11 year old granddaughter lives with us and took a real interest, doing as good as most of the others. One of the class members really excelled and she will be in my spring class which starts Feb. 7 in my home here in rural Missouri. She is looking forward to doing a sweater or socks later. A friend who is a college professor is another student this time around, being a knitter, but afraid to branch out into bigger projects like sweaters or afghans. A pharmacist is another student coming this time around. Also I am hoping that a student at our local college who just moved here from South Africa is coming. She has not confirmed for sure at this point. Knit on my fellow yarn person and enjoy teaching many more to enjoy this wonderful art form. God bless you. Katie