Sunday, February 05, 2006

First Day of the Second Semester

Classes began again for spring semester, and the knitting class is apparently a popular choice. We have 37 knitters, 18 of them are new to the class. Since the first meeting was a short day, class only lasted 30 minutes. So, we handed out yarn and needles, and got to work. A new person was paired with a "veteran knitter" and by the end of the 30 minutes, everyone could cast on and knit. I am looking forward to monday, when we have 100 minutes to get on this. The first project for the new kids will be 2 squares for baby blankets. I purchased tons of teal yarn, so we can be uniform. Square size will be 9"x9". Should be fun. The returning kids will make something for themselves. I have a growing library of knitting books, and of course we have the internet, so the sky's the limit!
Here is Ever, doing what he does best...teaching how to cast on. He is my go-to guy for that! Thanks, Ever!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Y. teaches with such excitement!!!!!!

Esther patiently waits for Ms. Newbill to get a good picture (this was the fourth attempt...sorry cutie!)

Se Mi teaches three girls at once!! She is a superstar. Quick story about Se Mi: she was close to finishing her final project, the baby sweater, when she realized she forgot to do the second sleeve. Oops. So, we ripped out her work back to the place where she could add the second sleeve, and she kept going. I am so proud of her for not giving up at that point. It was a big job to re-knit all of that and she did a great job. Her sweater will be donated to Stitches this week.

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