Tuesday, February 09, 2010

It's Been A Long Long Time...

Hey everyone. It has been far too long since my last post. Lots of personal knitting to blog about, but I wanted to start with my new batch of knitters! Today is the first day of second semester and I have 16 returning knitters and 16 brand new knitters. I paired them up today and the advanced kids are teaching the new kids how to do a slip knot, cast on and knit/purl. Next class the advanced kids will begin DPNs. Very exciting.

I designed this canvas tote bag a few weeks ago. I have been wanting to try stenciling with "freezer paper" and it was a huge success.

Seen recently at Anthropologie at the Grove. A knitted clock. Super cute and really easy to make. I was shocked by the $150 pricetag.

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Tina said...

I saw where you posted on another blog that you had ad adult version of the 5 hour baby sweater. Is there any way I could obtain a copy of that pattern? I would very much appreciate your help with this. Thank you so much,
Tina Carter