Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nautie from

ok, i am addicted to all things related to marine biology, so when i saw the "Nautie" stuffed nautiloid, i knew it was for me. Since a few of the kids are working on it as well, I felt motivated to do one too. Here is my progress so far. I am almost finished with the shell. I love it!!!!!!!!

Donations Donations Donations!!!

So many thank yous to give. It really means a lot to these kids when people send in supplies to keep them knitting!

Thanks to Knitzilla and Knitter's Studio for the big bag of various yarns. The kids went crazy for the ribbon yarn.

Thanks to Suss Designs for their donation of a gazillion pairs of size#11 bamboo needles. The advanced knitters are working on purses and these big needles will come in handy for those who are felting with big yarn!

The next thank you goes out to The Little Knittery for a big bag of wool. Along with the #11 Suss needles, we can felt this into some purses. Thanks, Julie!

Our next donation to Stitches From the Heart will be dropped of tomorrow afternoon. Hats, hats and more hats. I guess you can never have enough baby hats, right?

There are also some blanket squares that still need to be sewn together. I am going to offer some community service to a the kids to sew them into a few baby blankets. We'll see what happens with that.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday Walk Through Class

Halfway through the period I decided to take a walk around the room to check on project progress. Here is what I found:

Stephanie has made a Razor phone holder. Love the matching flower!

Yuriko and Amparo celebrate the completion of one cute baby hat with tiny pom pom.

Tiffany made an ipod holder with a litte crochet French guy on the top. Tres chic!!!!

Tuekeha has finished one little hat with a REALLY BIG pom pom. Really fun!

Mariana has made another baby sweater. The girl is a prolific knitter! She even put on little matching buttons! Love it!!!!

Easter Hits Pali!!!!!!

Spring Break is right around the corner, and we are so ready for a week off. This week the kids have been working on their baby hats for Stitches From the Heart. They are coming along nicely. The hats are due in 2 weeks, and I'll post pics when they are all turned in. The advanced kids are being more daring. Some are designing their own creations, others are tackling challenging patterns. I am really excited to see their results in a few weeks.

In honor of Easter, and to keep everyone busy, I bought some plastic eggs and raided our stash to create some yarn eggs. They turned out so cute!!!!

Also, some knit bunnies. And chocolate. Gotta have the chocolate. And peeps. Yum.

Happy spring break, everyone!!!!!!!