Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Favorite Shrug/Bolero Jacket

Awhile back, I saw a few celebs wearing these cute little jackets to all their events and thought "I can make that"! So I talked with a friend and we decided I really could do that. I modified the 4-hour baby sweater, used much bigger needles and this lacy yarn. Here are the results.

Once I finished it in black, I decided to make a teal version. I am wearing the teal one at Mother's Day Brunch with grandma, Jenny (grandma's adopted daughter) and Jenny's daughter, Sasha (my god-daughter).

Friday, July 15, 2005

knitting with charlie

charlie and i love to sit at the table (he is under it and i am up above) to knit and play on the computer. summer is progressing slowly, which is good, i guess, but taking care of him is a full-time job. how do people have kids? sheesh! he has a skin rash right now, i think he is allergic tothe floor polish, so something has to change. :)

another favorite place is on the fireplace. if i am laying on the couch, he barks to be let out of his puppy playpen. i am a pushover, so i give in easily, and he goes right to the fireplace and sits or sleeps. i love him so much. such a character!