Sunday, June 17, 2007

Final Projects...

My blog turns 2 today. Time really flies when you are having fun. I searched online for a birthday or anniversary picture with knitting involved and got side-tracked by some really great pictures of knitters. I found this great image of a Nepali woman knitting. So wonderful.

Then I found this one of a girl knitting. These pictures made me think about the faces of my knitters. My students are all so different but the one thing they have in common is an overall appreciation for knitting. The highlight of each day is when I get to help someone sew up a seam or pick up a dropped stitch. I am so proud of my knitters this year. I wish them all a great summer and hope they all keep knitting and donating their efforts to charity.

This is how I see my student knitters. This is Alla and Jeff. Alla finished her baby sweater and both kids will graduate on Thursday. Congrats!

This is Evelyn. Evelyn was in my first knitting class ever, Fall of 2005. She has been knitting on her own, and this semester she rejoined the knitting class. She is one of the most dedicated knitters I have in class. She can take home a few balls of yarn on Friday afternoon and come back on Monday with a finished sweater. I really admire her drive.

This is Michelle. She has been knitting since February, and here is her final baby sweater and baby hat. Michelle is also a senior, so she is graduating this week. Way to go!

This is Christine's first sock ever! She has promised that she will finish the second one this summer. She was so happy that it actually fit her foot.

This is Jennifer. She took knitting in the fall and her talent was obvious right away. She could read a pattern on her own and whip out something that seems too tough for her. She has been knitting on her own this semester, but drops by periodically to show off her latest creation. This is her "Sheldon" turtle from She told me that she made 3 so far, and had many friends who still want turtles.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

First Baby Pic and tiny cute!

Mid-week post. That almost NEVER happens. Must be something pretty special to get Karyn blogging on a weekday.

Finuola Rose born Sunday morning. I met her today for the first time. She took an hour-long nap (i think her mom might have dozed off too) in my arms, sucked on the pacifier for the first time with me, and we changed her first diaper at home. Wow, so many firsts today. She came home from the hospital this afternoon and I drove over for a visit. Not quite 60 hours old, and already the prettiest girl in the room. I am smitten.

When I got word that she arrived (a few days early) I found a cute pattern for maryjane-type booties and knit them up really fast. I used two colors of pink with light pink buttons.

Thank goodness I went over today, these booties fit perfectly. A few more days and she will be out of them. This girl has some long feet!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The first socks are in!!!!!

School is winding to a close and the kids are knitting away! We have 2 weeks of classes left so everyone has lots of time to finish up their projects and even get in one more. Keep it up, knitters. Many of the sock knitters are closing in on the toes and here are some pics of their progress.

Mishana with her zigzag stripes.

Christine's really big sock. Love the color!

Shannon made this sock...

and here is Shannon posing with her pretty purple creation.

Evelyn M. is working the cute colors. She is almost to the toe decreases!

Jeff learns the basics from Alla, as she begins to separate the arms from the body of her baby sweater.

Jeff (our class clown) wearing baby booties on his head. These were made by Halie (she made 7 pair so far!!!).

Briana finished her whole baby set: a sweater, booties and one big hat. Way to go!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Frogging and re-knitting...that's the way it goes!

Recently I was inspired to get Fitted Knits, a great book with BEAUTIFUL sweater patterns. I instantly fell in love with the yellow cardigan...

this picture isn't doing it justice, the top is sorta like this (minus the puffy sleeves)...

So, i started knitting it after CAREFULLY measuring myself in all possible spots, doing the math, knitting all of the swatches (both in ribbing and in ss) on multiple needle sizes then began the sweater. I got his far...

back view

side view

before i realized this sweater was just too small. I was stretching it, pulling on it, but still there was no way i was going to get the buttons to button. I really refused to believe it wouldn't fit. I had been trying it on throughout the process and I kept tricking myself, saying i could add more to the button hole border, or knit just a few more rows of ribbing, but in the end, as these pictures attest, it was just too small! I photographed my progress, then spent a sad hour ripping out my work, balling it back up and recalculating. The pattern is well-written and SO EASY but I needed to jump up a needle size to get the right fit. Woe is me...

After an evening of rest, I jumped back in sunday morning and am well on my way to finishing the sweater now. I have the body and one arm complete. Once I get the front button panels on and the other sleeve, I will post pics of before and after blocking.
Anyone out there looking for sweater patterns with SHAPE, go check out this book. I have purchased yarn for 4 other sweaters in the book. My summer knitting!

In dog news, Charlie got a pool. We don't have a real pool, so last weekend I got him a plastic one and he was so happy. The water dog was right at home in the kiddie pool. This was his first taste of the wet life and he was splashing around and jumping in and out all afternoon. Our neighbors have invited him over to swim, hopefully the weather will warm up so we can take them up on the offer.

Next post: photos of socks and other final projects by the spring 2007 knitting class at Pali High!